Wirral Met College

BA Fine Art

Zoe Roberts

Zoe’s practice examines what is valued in landscape and what isn’t. Idyllic scenery is valued because of its beauty but is often spoiled by the undervalued, such as rubbish and other debris left behind in the environment, in addition to the movements and changes that weather can force on landscape. Zoe’s work explores hints of human behaviour in everyday/overlooked spaces. These include alterations embedded in landscape such as pathways and walls and signs that can control/direct where people walk.

Zoe uses these aspects of the environment to create images that show how time, weather and human interaction can both tarnish or improve the imagined idyllic beauty of nature or the value of place, whilst changing the meaning of place.

“A webbing of story and memory joined up my places, as well as other more material affinities. The connections made by all these forces – Rocks, creatures, weathers, people – had laid new patterns upon the country” Robert Macfarlane.