Wirral Met College

BA Fine Art

Scott Hesketh
Website: https://shesketh.wixsite.com/scotthesketh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scott_hesk/
Email: Hesky100@gmail.com

At the Coalface, 2021      

From nonstop production lines to machine manufacturing, the objects that make up our world have lost their touch marks and signs of production.

Our collective relationship to material has become lost due to the modern mystery of injection moulding and flat pack furniture. Scott’s practice aims to reaffirm the deep-rooted relationships we have to material and the techniques of production.

Our response to form and material, and the objects that make up the world around us is his focus. Exploration of design and material language is key, producing works that are approximate but never quite embodied of real world objects and forms of design. 

The formal qualities of past design movements are mixed, creating amalgamated sculptural installations that hinge on their functional possibilities for the viewer.

Scott aims for the viewer to become an active participant, engaging physically with the work. In doing so, exercising their creative agency within space by changing, moving and using parts of the work, forming a tactile relationship with the works material.