Wirral Met College

BA Fine Art

Kara Dobbs

Stilled Life

Kara’s still life paintings consist of the important, but invasive medical equipment that is used in response to her child’s care in the family home. The paintings bear witness to the importance of these objects to Kara, through their imposing scale the medical instruments tell a story of their use, and the psychological impact on the mother as each fails to take effect in their duty of care in maintaining a comfortable life for this child. 

For Kara these objects represent lifelines to her, and her son.  In her role as a mother they have increasingly become emotional triggers. However, whilst helping to prolong a life these objects cause much anxiety as they control her son's life too. Anxiety and fear reside in these objects as the mother knows that this equipment will soon not be enough to keep her child alive any longer, as there is no cure.