Wirral Met College

BA Fine Art

We would like to thank Colin Simpson and the gallery staff for supporting the BA Fine Art course for the past twenty-five years. The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum offers our course an outstanding venue for the Degree Show and provides our students with a unique opportunity to display their work at the heart of cultural life on the Wirral and engage directly with the public. This is a unique relationship and it is in marked contrast to other fine art courses who will host their final exhibitions within their ‘home’ institution.

The Williamson team have consistently regarded our students in a professional light. The advice and technical support for even the most challenging proposals has been first class. Fish tanks, turf, car body parts, live performances and whole rooms full of furniture have all been treated with serious and professional consideration. This is an immense learning experience for our graduating students and acts as an in valuable introduction into the world of museums and exhibitions.

Students graduated 2021;

Daniel Marsh 
Scott Hesketh 
Shona Kirkham 
Jennifer Smith 
Olivia Hendrie 

Here is a sample of previous students works: 

Sue Wallace - 2016 

Jeni McConnell - 2007 ‘Demolition’

Colette Elcock - 2012

Fiona Philipps - 2009

Stephen Sheehan - 2014

Stephen Handley - 2013